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  • Elite Hansteel

     Elite Han- Steel

        In the long and brilliant history of Chinese civilization, here once was the iron making empire in ancient era of the Spring and Autumn.

        In the initial constructive period of new China, here opened a new chapter of modern iron and steel making.

        In the tides of reform and opening up , here the renowned managing experiences of Handan-Steel had been created.

        Stepping into the new century today, Here one modern steel complex with full scientific and harmonious development is rising.

        This is one of the HBIS's core parts – Han-Steel.

        In 1958 construction of Han-Steel starts.

        On June 4th of1959 beloved Premier Zhou Enlai paid on great visit to Han-Steel workers.

        On Sep. 24th of 1959 Great Chairman Mao also visited Handan and foretold with foresights that: "Handan shall be renascent... here are 500 million tons iron ore deposit, it is very hopeful to establish one large iron and steel center."

        On Oct.22nd of 1973, Great Designer Deng Xiaoping inspected Handan and pointed out with emotions: "Handan is a good place as there are deposits of coal and iron ore with abundant water and electricity reserves, One large size Han Xing iron &steel production base can probably set up here as the industrialization zone of Ruhr Gebiet in Germany   I personally support that. "

        On Sep. 19th of 1991, CPC General Secretary Jiang Zemin visited Han-Steel. After site catching of the booming and hot production scene, he was very pleased and appreciatively to say : "It still is our workers who possess the powers and wills!" 

        In 1997, in Han-steel All- China Federation of Trade Unions held one experience-sharing session, which promoting wholehearted reliance on workers to manage the businesses . At that time leader Hu Jintao instructed: "It is of very great significance in Han-Steel for The National Federation of Trade Unions held such experience-sharing session which promoting wholehearted reliance on workers to manage the businesses. The smooth realization of the grand trans-century goal depends on our unswervingly adherence to the principle of wholehearted reliance on the working class."

        CPC Central Committee and State Council, Hebei provincial CPC Committee and Government, Handan City CPC Committee and Municipal always care about and support the reform and development of Han-Steel.

        "Han-Steel is Great!"

        Kind cares and great encouragements inspired generations and generations of Han-Steel to work hard and innovate pragmatically in a pioneering spirit.   

        The early 90s of last century witnessed the surging of socialism market economy,Han- Steel was upright in such tides and originally implemented the operating mechanism of "simulating the market accounting and the executing the cost-veto", which providing valuable experience for the SOEs in the transitional period. On Jan.3rd of 1996 the State Council issued  the  Document No.3 to nation-widely promote the  Experiences of Han-Steel and a nation craze for such experience is booming.

        Han-Steel had won all kinds of merits and honors such as the National Civilized Unit、National Labor Award、 the National Excellent Enterprise Golden Horse Awards、 the National Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization、 the National Ideological and Political Work of Outstanding Business、One National Model for a Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprises Honor.

        Today Handan-Steel has 24,000 employees and have total assets above 60 billion Yuan with an annual comprehensive output of 12 million tons of steel. In 2008 sales revenue reached 35.9 billion Yuan.

        In recent years Han-Steel carries out the in-depth study and practice of scientific development concept in order to strategically build a modern iron and steel enterprises in international standards and to strategically implement the following four supporting strategies embarking on a sound and rapid new developing journey.

        "Industrial Upgrading" strategy Implementation: vigorously eliminating the backward production capacity; strongly promoting energy-saving and emission reduction; fully implementing  of structural adjustment;  building a modern industrial system.

        Han-Steel now possesses 10 coke ovens-- seven coke ovens with 42 holes and three coke ovens with 45 holes--, annual coke production capacity reached 4.2 million tons in full appliance of energy-saving  and environment friendly CDQ process.

        In the iron making system, In Han-steel Here exist 6 sets of sintering machines with annual sintering capacity of 17.7 million tons which consisting of one 435M2 unit、one 400 M2 unit、2 sets of 360 M2unit and 2 sets of 90 M2 unit. Besides that there are two pellet production lines with annual capacity of 4 million tons pellet.

        Han-steel Has 6 blast furnaces with the annual capacity of 12 million tons of liquid iron,which including the three sets of 3200M3 blast furnace, two sets of 2000 M3 blast furnace and one set of 1,000 M3 blast furnace.

        In the systems of liquid steel Han-steel has 9 sets of converters with the capacity of 12 million tons of liquid steel, which including 2 sets of 260t- converters, 4 sets of 100t-converters, three sets of 25t converters. In the new zone of Han-Steel "one-click" type and full closed automatically steelmaking technology was succeeded as the state-of-arts in the international level and the negative energy consuming steel-making came into reality.

        In the steel rolling system Han-Steel has four sets of long products rolling mills with annual capacity of 2.1 million tons of round steel bar, reformed bar, long wire steel etc., which including two sets of bar rolling mill, one set of section rolling mill, one set of high-speed wire mill, the annual produce 2.1 million tons of steel.

        Handan-Steel has two sets of plate mills, which are  3M plate mill and 3.5M plate mill with annual production capacity of 200 million tons, which covers the special high-strength steel plate such as the ship plate, high-pressure vessel plate etc..

        Handan-Steel has two sets of strip rolling mills including one CSP plant and one set of 2250mm hot strip rolling mill with the annual capacity of up to 800 million tons of hot-rolled strip which covers container sheet, API steel, auto steel, ship plate etc.. "Han-Steel – the importer of CSP technology and the technology digesting 、absorbing and innovating" project had won the second prize of national scientific and technological advancement.

        In the sheet processing systems Handan-Steel has one set of PLTCM line 、one set of hot-rolled strip  continuous directly pickling line、two sets of CGLs、 one set of CCL line、one electro-galvanized line which can annually produce 1.3 million tons of cold -rolled strip, 500,000 tons of pickling hot-rolled strips, 650,000 tons of galvanized strips , 120,000 tons of color-coated strips and 120,000 tons of electro-galvanized sheets.

        Relying on state-level and authorized Han-steel technology center, Han-steel has developed successfully 8 series steel products and 34 steel grades such as  auto beam steel, auto wheel steel, API steel etc.. Commercial cold/hot strip-based galvanized products were honored with  "National Gold Award for the quality of metallurgical products "; The cold-rolled products and hot strip directly pickling products got the EU Environmental Protection Certificate.

        Han-steel products are widely used in many fields such as  automotive, home appliances、construction、 machinery manufacturing、petrochemicals、 shipbuilding、 aerospace. Olympic venues such as "Bird Nest" and "Water Cube" and some well-known projects such as CCTV new site、the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Shijiazhuang high speed rail  have adopted the Han-steel products. The Cold-rolled products were chosen as the main raw steel supply for the more than 20 well-known home appliance manufacturers at home and abroad and exported to developed countries and regions  such as Europe 、 U.S.A etc..

        To create and pursuit a "Elite Han-Steel, Green Han-Steel ", Han-Steel have removed 5 sets of 28 m2sintering machines, seven sets of lime kilns, three sets of 15-ton converters, a set of bar-type 650 mill and a complex 2 re-wire production line. On May 11th of 2009, Han-steel removed all the 4 sets of 300 M3blast furnace in one time with a thorough elimination of the backward production capacity of 1.7 million tons liquid iron.

        In the meantime, Han-Steel built a large number of energy-saving environmental protection projects in which 19 million Yuan were invested to the  water-saving technological projects such as  two large sewage treatment plants and eight soft water stations with the  achievement of full recycling of industrial waste water and 3.4 M3fresh water consumption per ton steel which is advanced domestically. Han-steel consecutively built 16 sets of power generating plant such as TRT plant、CCPP plant and CDQ plant with a total installed capacity of 48.8 million kilowatts and more than 50% electricity self-generating supply and consumption.

        "Management Innovation" strategy Implementation: The fine traditional operating mechanism of "simulating the market accounting and the executing the cost-veto" has being Carried forward with the full implementation of budget management and internal economic contract systems , which are combined with ERP and other advanced management tools to create new advantages of integrated management. Han-steel executed The Fine 6S Management Project in full aspects of promoting qualities of workers, regulating employee behaviors, scientifically optimizing the processes, fine processing controls, which is in a bid to create a model company with scientific development.

        "Talents Thriving Enterprise" strategy Implementation: "three talents pools" such as the management personnel, professional and technical personnel, operational skilled personnel are strengthened. Technical experts and operational experts systems were established with special appointment of 2760 technical smarts and 1800  technicians together with 19 technical experts and operational experts. Joining together with Colleges and universities Han-steel has fostered 219 employees with master and doctor degrees. Technical maters are responsible for subjects renovation which fully mobilized the creations of talents.

        "Cultures Mobilization" strategy Implementation: In accordance with HBIS cultures promotion and innovation requirements Han-steel swears to the followings:

        -keep on the goal of  "leading domestic and international first-class".

        -promote the spirit of enterprise of "scientific development, the pursuit of excellence".

        -foster the core life values of "work together  and create common shares".

        -carry out faithfully the enterprise missions of "serve the motherland and contribute to society, own achievements to all employees, present wins to all shareholders".

        - pay full cohesion to the common ideal of " build a modern international level Han-Steel".

        - nurture the professional morals of "dedicating to Han-Steel and contributing to society".

         -strive to be the Pioneer of HBIS.

        On June 30th of 2008 combinations of the Tangshan Iron and Steel Group and Handan Iron and Steel Group, formed HBIS and Han-Steel was ushered in new development opportunities.Han-Steel fully implemented the strategies of Hebei provincial CPC Committee and Government and fully play the advantages of group integration and coordination with the aim at promoting enterprise sound and rapid development and striving to be the Pioneer of HBIS

        Phase II cold-rolling projects of Han-Steel New Zone are in progressive construction and will be fully put into production by the end of 2010. Han-Steel New Zone have been equipped with many of up-to-date international advanced equipments and technologies which include three main functions such as iron and steel manufacturing、secondary energy conversion, waste absorbing and disposing and make Han-steel to have the advanced equipments with high efficient energy saving and emission reduction to be one modern industrialized zone which is  consistent with the requirements of modern scientific development.

        The existing liquid iron making zone had been revamped and renovated up to July 6th of 2009 and put fully into production. The revamping of the existing steel rolling zone has been fully launched in the aim at the elimination of outdated equipments and backward technologies to achieve the advanced technology and equipments with the upgrading of low-end products to high-end products.

        Central Plains treasures go with strong winds, Reinforced steels forge with high brilliances.

        Today's Han-Steel is now playing with the integrating and cooperative advantages to accelerate the pace of development under the correct leadership of HBIS. By the end of 2010 Han-Steel will be in full compliance with the national steel industry developing  policies and possess the comprehensive production capacity of 13 million tons of steel and basically achieve the strategic goal of being one international and modernized steel complex. One intensive、effective、resource-saving、environment-friendly and modernized  Han-Steel are emerging in the great and hopeful land; 24000 Han-Steel people were confident in the progressive future and together create a better tomorrow!

    (Form TV feature film scripts)

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